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Monday, March 24, 2014

Thoughts of Spring & Martha Stewart..It's a Good Thing!

I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart! If I see anything with Martha on it, it instantly catches my attention and usually inspires me. One of her famous sayings is"It's a Good Thing".. I found this book at our church rummage sale recently and it is full of great ideas and good things. Neat, quick, simple & sensible are mostly her criteria for good things. I love this mentality! Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to show new life after a long cold winter. There is something so refreshing to our spirits in the spring, I know it is Gods promise to us that he makes all things new. Maybe that is why Spring is my favorite season. Here are some random "Good Things" I am sharing with you, I hope it inspires you to find some really easy ways to decorate that cost almost nothing. Now that my friends is a Good Thing! Happy Spring:)
This is just a roll of twine, I stuffed some greenery in it. I was just playing around but decided it was pretty cute!
Here is a perfect example of form vs function. Yes, we need the thermostat, No we don't want to see it. Why because it's  see pic below
I added a hook, hung a basket with some pretty lavender and added a antique key at the top. The basket is a perfect cover for the not so pretty but very needed thermostat:) Now I don't hate my wall.
See, not pretty!
I added some dried lavender to this candle with some twine. Instant spring makeover!
I bought this garden tote to use for my garden tools, I kinda like it here on my counter with some Rosemary peeking out of it. This tote is made out of recycled tires and burlap. Now that's re-purposing!
This is a tray I got from Pottery Barn and I always keep it on my kitchen island. It is ever changing with the seasons and it so fun to decorate! Lemons, moss and artichokes. Fresh and simple decor for spring.
I love my flying pig! He's a cutie!
Have you ever heard of a Bakery called Nothing Bundt Cake? There cakes are absolutely delish but wayyyy to expensive! $39 for a large bundt cake is more than I am willing to spend. I made this copy cat cake for my sweet daughter in law for her Bday. She really thought it was from the bakery. I was kinda proud:) here is the recipe: enjoy!

Found these pretty utensils at an antique store.

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