The Vintage Cupboard

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nature as your Christmas inspiration

I use natural elements to decorate with for all seasons. Fresh oranges, those little cuties that we buy in the produce section are perfect for a pretty bowl on your table. In this case my neighbor gives me bags of oranges every year that are just going bad in his backyard. I always go to the local tree farms and scrounge up as many tree trimmings as I can haul in my Yukon. Yesterday I was at Hobby Lobby and was inundated with isles and isles of cute signs and basically everything under the sun you could possibly imagine to decorate with. My brain felt cluttered and I felt that it was just too much!  We have all seen those homes where people go out and buy all that is Hobby Lobby and call it decorating but to me, it just seems like I am in a store. A home should feel more personal, more cultivated in the things you decorate with. I love a chalkboard sign but there is a point when its too much. Edit your rooms, take away and add until it not just looks right but has all the feels your  hoping to find. So, that's my rant:) Happy Decorating everyone!