The Vintage Cupboard

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Office...aka...The Coffee Shop and a love story.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and while this can be true, sometimes you just need to hear the story. This room is my baby boy's room, my baby boy who just happens to be almost 24 years old, who is married and also who is a daddy to my beautiful granddaughter Emilia. Go back farther in time and this room was my first born son's room who will be 26 yrs old tomorrow. This room is special to me, it has been through every design change that you could possibly imagine. I can remember the crib and the changing table and rocking chair and I see it in my mind so clearly, the dancing bears on clouds wallpaper, the time it was a playroom for the boys and so full of every toy and how they dumped them in a pile for me to put away every night. When my youngest son decided he wanted puppy wallpaper because he loved doggies so much, he loved his room! As he grew of course the puppies had to go and so the hard work of scraping off wallpaper ensued. New wallpaper emerged with new interest and so on. Change..change..change..Sometimes it's hard to keep up. And so they grow up and they go away but the memories are always here, the bedtime stories, the tickling and giggling, the up all night sick times, the good times and hard times all here in this small room. My oldest son's room is right next to this one and of course the story is the same for that one. I wanted and needed to redo these rooms so I would not feel so sad that my boys are all grown up so again time to change and move forward, create new memories,do new things! Everything I did in here was upcycled. The office chair is from Goodwill and painted in a chalkpaint called Sheepskin. I got the open shelving unit when my husband bought a snowblower on Craigslist and the guy had this in his storage unit..Score for me. It is from Pottery Barn and we only paid $20 for it. I used a greywash technique on it to get the look I wanted. The chalkboard was made from a very ugly old picture from GW. I used black chalkboard paint and also painted the frame in same color of office chair. What I love about it is that it was a canvas so I can use it as a pinboard for ideas from magazines. Sorry Pinterest.. this is how we old timers used to do this. The shelf above it was my son Jonathan's and because as you can tell from my story that I am very sentimental I kept his name on it. I just greywashed it like the shelving unit and now it matches perfectly. The Darling I love you sign was made from another canvas from GW painted in black and I used a white marker to write the words over and over again. I sit in here everyday on my computer drinking my coffee and I don't feel sad, only happy memories to think of and the darling boys that used to live here.