The Vintage Cupboard

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scenes of Spring

Whatever is True
  Whatever is Noble
 Whatever is Right
Whatever is Pure
   Whatever is Lovely
   Whatever is Admirable
   Whatever is Excellent
or Praiseworthy 
     Think of these things...

These are spring pictures from last year. These are eggs from a Red Robin, the blue color is amazing!
The blue eggs hatched and these pretty little birds were born, the mother was so attentive, they grew so fast and flew the coop.
A gorgeous Peony! They bloomed so beautiful last year, I hope they will again this year.
Salvia and a gazing ball made from a bowling ball!
We planted these Hydrangeas last year, hope they come back. It will be interesting to see what color they come back  as.
Our neighbors have a Horse Ranch and they had lots of babies born last year.
Roses from my garden

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Love your Laundry room

See this wire basket! You would not believe that it used to be an old fryer basket!!! Bought at GW for $1. A few coats of red spray paint and I love how it turned out. Great for holding all our lovely magazines.

A sweet Valentine Vignette

I don't usually do much decorating for Valentines Day.This year because my son was coming home from Russia with his fiance Anna, and my oldest son and his girl Alexis are so in love..I felt compelled to make a little vignette. It was sweet and very thought provoking. It is true that our hearts have reasons of which there is no understanding. It just loves..that's all. Oh, and lets not forgot my husband of almost 25 yrs..I really love him too!