The Vintage Cupboard

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pinterest Inspired Spheres..

I have been collection embroidery hoops for almost a year now. Avid embroidery enthusiast? No...haha! I saw the cutest project on Pinterest on how to make these orbs or sphere's like the ones you are seeing everywhere. It is so easy to make this and all you need are 2 sets of embroidery hoops. There are 2 in each set so a total of 4. I stain them first using a walnut stain, then I glue them together with a hot glue gun into the desired shape. I made a lot of these for my Son's Wedding that was in June so I ended of using a few different designs to make it more interesting.   I then did a dry brush with Annie Sloan Country Grey, any kind of grey paint would do the trick. This gave the look of aged wood or even a rusty metal. I purchased glass votives and battery operated votive candles at the Dollor store and some moss at Joan Fabric store. I glued the moss on and around the glass votive and then hot glued it into the bottom of the Sphere. With the help of my new daughter in law and a crew of lovely Brides Maids we finished making these a few days before the wedding. Thanks Pinterest...You Rock!