The Vintage Cupboard

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Decorating..Quick & Easy

Since Fall is such a quick season I usually only decorate a little here and there.  I pulled out my seasonal box of  Fall decorations but really ended up using only a few items. I usually do use most of the things in my box but this year I am a bit time challenged. Here are a few things that I ended up with that were quick, easy and cheap. I decoupaged  a small wood sign I had that I was tired of. I found a cute picture of a pumpkin in a magazine and used my handy dandy mog pog, glued it on and dry brushed some white paint and distressed some. I have it sitting on a pretty stand and really like the way it turned out. I love using Mercury anything so the cute owl and pumpkin went up on a table in my entryway. I bought the owl at Salvation Army a few years ago and sprayed it with looking glass spray paint. Looks like I could have bought it at Pottery Barn:) Stick a pumpkin in a lantern, I need to embellish this alot more! Chalkboards are great for every season. Here I attempted to draw a cute pumpkin. The chalkboard with the Pumpkin sign on it I made from a frame I bought at Habitat, actually I bought 3 of them for $1.50 each. I painted the insert, which was a cork material with black chalk board paint and then painted the frames with a Valispar paint, soft wool. I think my favorite is the chalkboard that I keep in my dining room. I bought this beautiful frame a few years ago at an a local antique shop, painted the frame and distressed, then AS dark wax. I took out the glass and added a chalk board that you can purchase at Home Depot, they will cut it to size for you. Add a pretty wreath and write something seasonal inside. My house feels very Fall and very cozy!s