The Vintage Cupboard

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A picture tells a thousand words

Gallery walls are all the rage lately! Its a perfect way to express who you are and make your home uniquely you... They can be interchangeable and the art doesn't have to be expensive. Here is a display of artwork that has special meaning to me. When I look at it, I feel sentimental connections to it. Like my Dads Landscaping sign that used to be magnetized to his truck for his Landscaping business. He was so proud of this sign and now after 20 some years after he passed I still look at his sign and smile. It was falling apart and nearly severed in half, so I laid it on the floor, pushed it together and took a picture of it. Next I photoshopped and made it look the way I wanted it too and printed it.  A picture of myself and hubby on our Wedding day back in 1988, it was just a snapshot but I  changed it into Black & White and suddenly it looked so beautiful and captured a moment in our day that was so special. My daughter in law painted this picture of our property & barn, I just love it soooo much! The keep Calm & Carry On sign I made from a canvas that I bought at Goodwill. Photo galleries are expressive of your life. Have fun!