The Vintage Cupboard

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The most Charming Dessert table

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the ideas and projects you could do via social media? Of course we have all been there! Pinterest and Instagram to name a few are incredible sources for the DIY enthusiast in all of us. I have so many ideas rolling around in my head and that is the great part. The not so great part is that we often stop there and don't take any action toward actually doing the project. You know how good it feels when you follow through with making something that inspired you. My daughter in law had a vision for what she wanted her dessert bar to look like, we had a visual from Pinterest and it all came together so beautifully. Here it is in all its glory... I had bought this table from Goodwill a few years back. It had a pretty shape and curved legs, I painted it with Annie Sloan Old white and distressed it a bit. The ladder I found on the sidewalk, it was sitting there with a sign on it that said "take me I'm free" Ok done:)  It was a ladder to a bunk bed haha!
Water cans are from Ikea and greenery from the Florist my DIL used for her Wedding.  We had fun putting this together and my Son hung it up for us. We told him that he had better make it very secure, it would be really bad if it came crashing down on all the lovely Desserts they had for the Wedding. Note to the future remember to remove all tickets and tags, even if they are on the bottom of the watering cans...

Wedding DIY Projects

My Son and new daughter in law recently got married in June. We were the Venue so I had lots of fun projects to do. I found this old trunk at a garage sale and knew I would do something with it for the Wedding. I have a wrap around porch that I was trying to set up many sitting areas. I was in need of some cute tables so I decided to turn this old trunk into a side table by adding legs. For fun I added my address. It turned out so cute!
I wanted to set up a Coffee Bar on my porch so guest could help themselves anytime. I shopped my home and found this vintage dresser that I had painted a few years ago. It looked perfectly happy sitting out there on my porch serving up coffee and cookies. My DIL painted this Coffee Bar sign for me. She is so talented:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hi & Welcome to my Design Blog

Hello:) This is a very random post about traffic and comments to my Blog. I love design and I really enjoy showing and sharing projects. I am always looking at Blogs for inspiration and sharing ideas, I must admit that I look and leave quite often without leaving a like or comment. GUILTY... Now this isn't a poor me post but I am looking for some advice to receive more traffic and comments to my Blog. I have thought of using ads to boost my viewings but as of yet have not committed to doing so. I would really appreciate some advice from you out there in Blog land:) If you visit The Vintage Cupboard would you send me a shout out and tell me why you came here and what and if you liked about this particular Blog. Thanks:)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pinterest Inspired Spheres..

I have been collection embroidery hoops for almost a year now. Avid embroidery enthusiast? No...haha! I saw the cutest project on Pinterest on how to make these orbs or sphere's like the ones you are seeing everywhere. It is so easy to make this and all you need are 2 sets of embroidery hoops. There are 2 in each set so a total of 4. I stain them first using a walnut stain, then I glue them together with a hot glue gun into the desired shape. I made a lot of these for my Son's Wedding that was in June so I ended of using a few different designs to make it more interesting.   I then did a dry brush with Annie Sloan Country Grey, any kind of grey paint would do the trick. This gave the look of aged wood or even a rusty metal. I purchased glass votives and battery operated votive candles at the Dollor store and some moss at Joan Fabric store. I glued the moss on and around the glass votive and then hot glued it into the bottom of the Sphere. With the help of my new daughter in law and a crew of lovely Brides Maids we finished making these a few days before the wedding. Thanks Pinterest...You Rock!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

This little Princess

My sweet Grand daughter was the most precious Flower Girl for my Son's Wedding in June. She wore the fluffiest dress and you could tell the way she felt in the dress. Just like a little princess.... I love the way it looks hanging on my Wardrobe Armoire. This Armoire is from Good Will. I found this little beauty a few years ago and bought it for a mere $100! I painted it with Annie Sloan Paris Grey and waxed in both clear and dark wax. I lightly distressed it. It is one of my most favorite pieces I have done in my home....

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

All some things need are a little LOVE...

One of my favorite things to do is to go to thrift stores. I love to just walk around, drinking my  coffee and look for that one special item that inspires me. Sometimes I do go away empty handed and that is really ok but there are the times when you see that special something and you just have to take it home. I saw this chair right when I walked into Salvation Army. It was so striking that I couldn't stop looking at it. At first I walked away from it and told myself that I really do not need a project right now as I was super busy getting ready for my Son's Wedding at our home. So I tried to ignore it but something about it kept me going back. Was it that it reminded me of the chairs I have seen recently at Restoration Hardware? It had great bones! I took her home for $19.99! Yeah!!
One thing I am really bad at is taking a before picture, I wish I would have because this chair had wicker sides that were broken and very distressed! Not good distressed either... I love the look of aged wood and this is really easy to achieve and takes no great talent. I removed the wicker, made a slipcover for the bottom chair cushion. That's it! This chair is so pretty I cannot believe I only paid $20 for this:) Really happy that I didn't let this one go!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fixer Upper/Rustic Farmhouse Style

A pretty way to store your pretty wine glasses. I bought 3 crate boxes in 3 gradient sizes. Grey washed them for a rustic look. My sweet husband screwed them all together and hung on the wall for me. Love this look!