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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old Rusty Chandeliers..I heart them!

I really love a beautiful old rusty Chandeliers! Some people might like shiny new ones, Not me! I bought this pretty little thing at a boutique I used to work at years ago. It is really rusty in spots, the paint is flaking off into my tub, my husband doesn't understand the appeal of it. That's okay. It's not for everyone but for me it makes me smile, it makes me wonder, where have you been all these years, if only you could talk, oh the stories you would tell...



savvycityfarmer said...

you are just pretty darn adorable!!

great blog

Sandi b said...

Awww. Thank you Savvycityfarmer! You just made my day and it was really sweet of you to come visit my blog. I really love your blog too and I visit you quite often:)

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Sandi,
I created the angel wing!
As I create French opera theatres in my etsy that is on my side bar, I included my daughter in my post often due to the work connection we have with creating together painting, salvaging and such, I have the wing for sell in my etsy, and just lowered the price on it.

Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.
Keep inspiring us with salvage, whites and rust :)

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