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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring..Easter..All Things New

Happy Easter! Time to lighten things up with fresh food and touches of green all around.I sprinkled fresh chives on my deviled eggs, more green lol. also made a pretty tomatoe tart with fresh basil on top, again the theme is Green:) Although the brownie has no green at all, it is still keeping an Easter theme. I found this brownie recipe on My Sweet Savanna's blog. Cadbury Egg brownies. Yum..they really did taste like a cadbury easter egg. They are pretty decadent so you can't eat to many at a time. I tried:) Hope your day was filled with lots of food, family, friends and love.
Cadbury Egg Brownies here

Tomatoe Tart Recipe

Deviled Egg Recipe


Sara Smeby said...

Saw your comment on My Sweet Savannah and I have to say I'm hooked! I love the pictures you've included in this latest post. I love the idea of stashing a plant or flowers within a lantern. I also love the porchscape! I'm on to read your laundry room post, as mine is woefully neglected and in need of a good clean and some decor... So glad I've found you!

Sandi Barbera said...

Hi Sara:) Thanks so much for looking. I was really happy to see a comment haha! I am very inspired by Pottery Barn and they put anything and everything in Lanterns. So I kinda copied them. That's really what I like to do is try and make something really pretty but not pay the "pretty price" lol I am going to look at your blog too. I haven't done cards before but it looks fun. I would love to have you follow my blog, I don't know how to have you do that as of now:) but you could just save me to your favorites until I figure it out. Thanks again Sara, have a great day!

Laurie said...

I found you from your post on 2Peas. I like your style! I'll be looking forward to reading future posts.

Sandi Barbera said...

Thanks Laurie! I will be posting some new projects very soon.

hillhouse6 said...

I found you from 2Peas and I love your style!