The Vintage Cupboard

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bar Cart Love

Have you noticed lately that Bar Carts are are all the rage right now? I think they are so pretty with all the beautiful bottles and glasses displayed. Seriously, I am not a big drinker but I really love this look! I also like putting a mirror on the wall behind Bar Cart especially if your mirror has something lovely to reflect. This whole display didn't cost me much to put together as I got the Bar Cart for free and most items on it are from GW, except for a few things like the Pelegrino and liquer of course:) The pretty glasses with the B on them are passed down from my husband's Grandparents and are very special to us. The green stemware are from GW and believe it or not they come from some Arbys promotion years ago and  I find them everywhere. I have a collection of 20 so I must stop buying these. lol Also the lovey decanters I found at GW too. I love that place:) Click here to see how I found my Bar Cart

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